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Custom BBQ Islands

Adding A BBQ Island

Nothing says summer like fresh BBQ, and with a beautiful BBQ island, nothing brings the family closer. Grab some raw meat and lets start grilling! We build all of our bbq islands exactly to our clients specifications, which allows us to to keep our clients happy. We work with High Quality brands such as American Outdoor Grill and Fire Magic to ensure quality.

Are you ready to Grill?

Let Paradise Builders Build You A Unique BBQ Island

Our BBQ Islands feature something most other companies wish they could offer, fully welded steel frames, which allows us to create designs beyond what most companies can handle. Fully welded steel frames offer multiple advantages over traditional steel or wood stud framing. Steel frames can be rounded, much more naturally than any 20ga or 25ga steel stud frame could be, giving our bbq islands a much smoother end result. Working with welded frames and masonry since 1969 has taught us a thing or two about structural integrity. Fully welded frames are incredibly rigid, which allows them to support tremendous weight and resist torsion.

Industry Standard BBQ Island Build...

bbq island build

Paradise Builders BBQ Features:

  • 16ga Steel Tubing
  • 1/2" Concrete Backing
  • Fully Welded Frame
  • Strongest BBQ Islands
  • Available Internal Space

Make cooking more than just a chore, make it an experience that leaves hungry guests begging for more. Each Built In Barbecue is unique, and is customized to the customers specific requests. Check out our gallery for a few examples of our past projects located in our BBQ Island Gallery and please call 702-242-0271 with any questions or to set up a Free Estimate.

What's A BBQ Island? - [bar·be·cue is·land]

"A built in appliance used for the preparation of meat or fish, in an out of doors environment that cooks the food over an open flame."

The Full Kitchen

Expand your living space with a beautiful outdoor cooking area that is perfect for entertaining envious neighbors or cooling off with co-workers. The devils in the details, and a fire pit or wood burning fireplace are both great ways to set their yard apart from the average backyard. Firepits are a great way to get everyone together and an ideal way to keep warm in those cold desert nights.

Large BBQ Island

Get your grill on with a full BBQ island that includes a mini fridge, beer tap, wine rack and even an outdoor television. Wait a second, beer tap and weatherproof tv? Yeah, it's a serious combo and it's not for the timid. Keep in mind, once friends and family find out that your backyard has draft and digital television they are going to want to "drop by" and bring over home cooked snacks a lot more often.

Traditional BBQ Island

Simplicity is often the best approach, and a serious grill is what it's all about. Keep the luxuries to the essentials, and keep the fire to a maximum with a high performance stainless steel grill. Sink that fireball into a slick built in island that can have stucco applied to match your house. Have stone? No worries, we can give it a stone veneer. Marble tile can really be a nice touch to give the top a small amount of decoration.