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Hardscaping Heroes

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Maintenance Free Design

Ditch that unforgiving lawn for a taste of paradise, sunday mornings with no grass cutting thanks to hardscaping by the professionals at Paradise Builders. Convert from landscaping to hardscaping by installing pavers in place of a lawn or planter. Dry riverbeds also add decorative touches or become the focal point of a backyard.

Paradise Builders Hardscape Types:
Concrete - Planters, Walls, Walkways
Stone - Planters, Walkways, Riverbeds
Block - Planters, Firepits, Walls
Plants - Transplanting, Drought Tolerant

We have been working with concrete, stone and brick since 1969, and that allows us to create some amazing hardscapes. Our custom designs take advantage of the latest concepts in irrigation reducing landscape. Hardscapes become building blocks for the landscape design, creating separate areas through the use of concrete and masonry elements. The harsh desert climate is rough on everyone, and saving water is the best practice for all of Las Vegas. We prefer to either transplant existing plants, or use drought tolerant plants in our designs.

"Green" designs in desert colors

Call it what you will, our Hardscaping and Landscaping designs will make the most of the available space, and transform it into a piece of paradise. Our designers strive to deliver exactly what the client wanted and beyond. The creative use of hardscaping within a landscape can save thousands on water and maintenance. Decorative riverbeds are a great way to add a focal hardscape element.

What is Hardscape? [hard•scape]

"Refers to the paved areas like pathways & sidewalks where the upper soil profile is no longer exposed to the actual surface of the Earth."

Drought Tolerant Plants

The proper plants for Las Vegas must be drought tolerant. Our climate is not condusive to lush landscape with tropical elements, but that doesn't mean our plethora of desert flora isn't impressive. Try adding a barrel cacti or joshua tree to your existing landscape. Keep the costs down with drought tolerant plants that require minimal amounts of water.

Drought Tolerant Plants...

Perfect Planters

Create that stunning planter with a concrete border, organic soil, and drought tolerant plants. Finish it off with irrigation and lighting that is run on a timer, to save yourself the aggrivation of constantly watering the plants by hand. Grouping landscaping helps areas look like they are more plant poplulated, but avoid going overboard with too many in a small area.

Perfect Planters...

Night Lighting

There's no sense in having a beautiful yard if it's not properly maintained. Having the proper irrigation in place can help keep a yard looking healthy for years. Accent lighting is a great way to create highlights among different areas at night. Although most residential homes use low-voltage landscape lighting, it is still a good idea to let a professional do it.

Night Lighting...